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How EU agricultural subsidies are damaging livelihoods in 3rd world

The project

We have come up with our story ideas on how gobal imbalnces can be reduced. What is left now is to polish the ideas and see how best they can be presented.

World failing Darfur, says Rice

World failing Darfur, says Rice

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the world has failed over Darfur, ahead of a Paris conference.

Biofuel to address global warming

I would like to cover a story on how biofuel can be used instead of petrol that many countries worldwide already use, which is one way to address global warming.

I need to know:

  1. What is the biofuel?
  2. How far the technology on biofuel is?
  3. What are the positives and negative aspects of using biofuel?
  4. Do we need to adjust car mechanism before using biofuel?
  5. How many countries have already used biofuel?
  6. What are the materials to produce biofuel?
  7. Global statistic of biofuel used over the past year?


  1. Pictures
  2. Related stories

Deforestation in Mauritania

I have to write a feature story on deforestation in Mauritania and efforts done and those to be done to face this problem. I must talk of desertification due to the permanent advance of sand dunes and disappearance of vegetable covert due to the rarity of rains. So I need for my feature:
– Some complements of information on actual situation of desertification in Mauritania,
– What are the policies followed par Mauritanian government to treat these issues?
– What is the role of civil society, particularly environmental ONGs?
– Interview with Mauritanian responsible or members of civil society organizations,
– Photos showing some aspects of deforestation in Mauritania or some projects leaded to thwart the desertification,
– Videos in the same field.

Communities tackle climate change in Malawi

 This is yet another story I am doing on how some members of communities in Malawi are involved in a tree planting campaign and also use fuel efficient stoves to deal with climate change. The idea is based on carbon offsetting, a practical method to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Ripple Africa is a charitable organisation behind the two initiatives. In 2006, the organisation opened 75 community tree nurseries in Nkhata Bay District, an area of 4,000 It provided the equipment, seeds and tubes, and the communities supplied the labour. The organisation first started with an awareness programme and chiefs and communites applied to it to be part of the tree planting project. This is in a way helping the people to appreciate the value of trees as a resource for firewood but at the same time protect their environment.
This year, the organisation planned to continue with 75 nurseries and open an additional 100 nurseries with a target of producing 1.75 million trees.

Ripple Africa’s facts

• An average person in the West creates 10 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.
• An average person in Malawi, Africa, creates 0.1 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.
• Typically, up to 10 trees are needed to absorb 1 tonne of carbon for one year.
• An average person in the West needs 100 trees to offset their annual carbon footprint.


On Fuel efficient stoves

More information on fuel efficient stoves, what are they? What do the use? How do they work? And their efficiency in dealing with climate change?
Who is the target for such stoves and who is using them?
How have communities embraced the concept and which communities?
Are they affordable?
What are the plans to introduce the concept to other parts of the country?

On tree planting (More info)

How many trees have been planted so far in 2007? Was the 2007 plan implemented?
What has been the impact so far?
What about the sustainability of the projects?
Challenges of the projects  and how are the challenges being addressed?
Who bankrolls the projects?
What is the expected and anticipated result of the projects?
Any future plans?
Why were these two projects selected?
And why Malawi, is it the most affected?


Interview with Ripple Africa
To talk to at least some of the community leaders involved.
Pictures on tree planting and fuel efficient stoves


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